Managing Perceptions

Your reputation is critical to your success, and that reputation is based on how people perceive you, your products, and your organization.

At McCrosky Marketing Communications, we help our clients manage those perceptions.

The first step is understanding – we’ve got to understand how current and potential customers perceive your brand. Next, we need to understand the internal perceptions of your brand. Are there differences in how you perceive your own brand? Does your brand mean something different at remote offices than it does at the main office? Does it mean something different at different personnel levels?

To find out, we may need to ask a lot of questions. Or, we may need to embark on a Strategic Brand Analysis™ to uncover the essence of your brand.

Once we have a solid understanding of your brand, your position in the marketplace, the competitive environment, and your marketing objectives, we will begin to work with you to develop a Marketing Communications Plan designed to ensure your message gets to the right people, at the right place, at the right time.

Already have a plan? Great! We can skip a step and go directly to the development of the “big idea” that will set your brand apart from the competition, build and enhance awareness in the marketplace, and help you reach your marketing objectives. For some examples of big ideas, click on Our Work.


In today’s world, even small businesses can effectively compete with the giant corporations.  It’s a matter of perception. If your brand position is strong and is articulated well, prospects and customers will see you as equal to – or better than – the big dogs.

We can help you identify and communicate the key points of difference that make your brand unique. Once you’ve done that, you’ll run circles around your competitors, leaving them chasing their tails.


What makes MMC Unique?


Lights-out creative without mind-blowing costs. Lightning-quick response when nothing else will do. The resources of a 15-20-person agency without the overhead. Great big ideas without great big bills.

Here’s what you get:

  • A core group of highly skilled and experienced people combined with a virtual staff of fifteen professionals.
  • More than 25 years of experience studying and analyzing brands.
  • A group that is available to meet with you on a moment’s notice. Literally.
  • An organization that has the creative bones necessary to articulate your brand message to the marketplace.
  • Invoices that never exceed your expectations.
  • Results that always do.


The Team

Jim Cupper  Consultant

Jim Cupper

Andrew McCrosky  Accounting and Business Manager

Andrew McCrosky
Accounting and Business Manager

Sheila Muth  Principal

Sheila Muth



Do We do that?

If it has to do with communicating a client’s message to a specific audience in order to achieve defined goals, differentiating a brand, or generating a desired response, we probably do it. Just to be sure we’ve got you covered here’s a list.


Marketing Planning

Branding & brand management
Strategic Brand Analysis™
Market definitions
Market segmentation
Marketing objectives,
strategies and tactics


Marketing Research

Research studies
Focus groups
Web-based research


Advertising Design & Production

Direct mail





Collateral Design & Production

Sales sheets
Graphic standards manuals
Training manuals
Technical bulletins
Print and electronic sales presentation materials



Website design
Website management
Interactive presentations and training


Public Relations

Feature article writing and placement
News release writing and placement


Event Planning

Press conferences
Conference/meeting planning and management
Internal communications


 our work

Just a few of the many clients we have served:

Berrien County Health Department
Educational Community Credit Union (Now Arbor Financial Credit Union)
Housing Resources, Inc.
Kalamazoo Air Zoo
Kalamazoo Communities in Schools
Kalamazoo River Valley Trail
National Stone, Sand & Gravel Association
Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration
United Bank

For a complete list, please contact US





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