In today’s world, even small businesses can effectively compete with the giant corporations.  It’s a matter of perception. If your brand position is strong and is articulated well, prospects and customers will see you as equal to – or better than – the big dogs.

We can help you identify and communicate the key points of difference that make your brand unique. Once you’ve done that, you’ll run circles around your competitors, leaving them chasing their tails.


What makes MMC Unique?


Lights-out creative without mind-blowing costs. Lightning-quick response when nothing else will do. The resources of a 15-20-person agency without the overhead. Great big ideas without great big bills.

Here’s what you get:

  • A core group of highly skilled and experienced people combined with a virtual staff of fifteen professionals.
  • More than 25 years of experience studying and analyzing brands.
  • A group that is available to meet with you on a moment’s notice. Literally.
  • An organization that has the creative bones necessary to articulate your brand message to the marketplace.
  • Invoices that never exceed your expectations.
  • Results that always do.